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The Gujral Community Fund is Proud to Announce Partnerships with Top Child Development & Educational Charities in the Bay Area

Gujral Community Fund founder and proud San Franciscan, Ashok Gujral sheds some light on the acclaimed charitable organizations which share the GCF’s focus on children’s charities and educational pursuits.

GCF founder, Ashok Gujral, is excited to add his support to the following charities and organizations in the Bay Area: Aim High, South of Market Child Care, Students Rising Above, and Tandem Partners in Early Learning.

Aim High operates a summer learning program for middle school students in Northern California, which strives to bridge the gap between opportunity and achievement. Commented Ashok Gujral, whose acclaimed charitable organization the Gujral Community Fund is dedicated to making San Francisco more welcoming and accessible to all: “Aim High’s programs are outstanding and life-affirming. Students access inspired teachers, innovative programs, and supportive experiences that empower them to thrive in school and life.”

South of Market Child Care delivers quality early childcare and education to primarily low-income, recent immigrant, homeless and at-risk populations in San Francisco’s South of Market (SOMA) community. Commented Ashok Gujral: “The renowned organization, which was founded in 1970 and is a pillar of the community, also provides free comprehensive family support services.”

Students Rising Above provides financial support to low-income, first-generation college students across the San Francisco Bay area who are committed to education and have demonstrated strength of character, self-discipline, and resilience in overcoming significant obstacles. Commented Ashok Gujral: “More than 90 percent of students who are helped by Students Rising Above graduate from college within three years, which is three times the national average. The work they do is truly life-changing.”

Tandem, Partners in Early Learning is committed to ensuring that all families have the resources, skills, support, and confidence required to support their children’s kindergarten readiness. Commented Ashok Gujral: “What makes Tandem, Partners in Early Learning so effective is that they rely on the latest research in early childhood development and family engagement. Everything that they do is grounded in an evidence-based approach, which ensures that they are constantly meeting the dynamic needs of the communities they serve.”

About the Gujral Community Fund

Ashok Gujral founded the Gujral Community Fund to help families live healthy lives, and thrive in their communities. In addition to early childhood education and nutrition, the GCF focuses on stable and sustainable housing for families as well. In addition to housing, their projects include outdoor spaces for gardening, indoor and outdoor space for play, and common areas for families and friends to gather. While Ashok established the Gujral Community Fund to focus on the mission of helping families, the GCF has also actively supported other important and impactful charities, including the Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center, San Francisco SPCA, New Story, and St. Jude Children Research Hospital.


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