Gujral Community Fund Grant Announcement – Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center

San Francisco, CA

The Gujral Community Fund (GCF) is pleased to announce a grant to San Francisco’s Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center (PRRC). Ash Gujral, founder of GCF, has been a supporter of PRRC for decades, and is continually impressed by the positive impact they have for San Francisco families.

PRRC was founded in 1952 by Janet Pomeroy to provide recreational opportunities for teens with disabilities. Their mission “is to provide recreational, vocational and educational opportunities for people with disabilities…” which they accomplish through a variety of programs. Participants gain greater self confidence and independence through these programs and services which “encourage self-expression [and] promote personal achievement”.

Today, the PRRC serves nearly 2,000 people each week and has expanded to serve communities from San Francisco to San Mateo counties. Services include adult day programs, vocational services, respite services, and family councils.

There are many opportunities to support PRRC’s mission beyond donations. Consider volunteering, advocating, fulfilling a wish, or even hiring a PRRC participant.

The mission of the Gujral Community Fund is to improve the lives of San Francisco families by contributing time and resources to organizations with the infrastructure and ability to make a positive impact in our community.

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