Ash Gujral Community Fund Grant Announcement

Gujral Community Fund Grant Announcement – John Burton Advocates for Youth (Nov. 2019)

San Francisco, CA

Ash Gujral and the Gujral Community Fund is pleased to announce its second grant to the John Burton Advocates for Youth.

Founded in 2005 by progressive champion John Burton, the John Burton Advocates for Youth is a statewide non-profit organization working to improve the quality of life for California’s foster, former foster, and homeless youth. John Burton Advocates for Youth emphasizes its work in three areas: education, housing and health.

Based upon his ongoing meetings with Mr. Burton, Ash Gujral, founder of The Gujral Community Fund, continues to be impressed by the organization and its ongoing successes. Ash Gujral commented, “The work that John and his organization have done for so many years, and continue to do on daily basis, makes such an impact on  the challenges foster youth experience.”

Ash Gujral added, “As John Burton is about to celebrate his 87th birthday and 15 years of helping at-risk youth succeed on December 15th at the Fairmont Hotel, I urge everyone to support this valuable and worthy organization.” The John Burton Advocates for Youths’ efforts and successes in creating permanent, affordable housing for former foster youth through partnerships with the non-profit and for-profit housing development community is synergistic with the values of the Gujral Community Fund.

John Burton, who continues to spearhead all levels of support for his foundation, was quick to acknowledge Mr. Gujral’s financial support. “I welcome Ash Gujral’s continued support for our important work on behalf of California’s foster kids.” He added, “I am pleased with the ongoing relationship that I have established with Ash Gujral and the Gujral Community Fund. The Gujral Community Fund’s values and commitment to San Francisco are consistent with our work at JBAY.”

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