Gujral Community Fund Grant - Mother Browns Dining Room

Gujral Community Fund Grant Announcement – Mother Brown’s Dining Room

San Francisco, CA

Ash Gujral and The Gujral Community Fund are pleased to announce a grant to San Francisco’s Mother Brown’s Dining Room.

Mother Brown’s Dining Room, United Council of Human Services provides two meals a day to area homeless in San Francisco’s Bayview District. The staff at Mother Brown’s Dining Room in Bayview prepare fresh meals every day for hungry San Franciscans.

According to the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s 2018 Assessment of Food Security Report, one in four San Francisco residents is at risk of hunger due to low income. Food insecurity contributes to poor health and health disparities. It also increases risk of multiple chronic conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension, and exacerbates existing physical and mental health conditions. Hunger impairs child development and limits academic achievement. The report cites that food insecurity occurs when “the ability to obtain nutritious food is uncertain or not possible,” but Gwyn Westbrook, Executive Director at Mother Brown’s, simply calls it “being hungry”.

Ash Gujral, Founder of the Gujral Community Fund stated, “I have a grave issue with those in our society lacking good, healthy food. For those who are the most marginalized and lack basic needs, this is what we at the Gujral Community Fund hope to address. In a city with such wealth, how can we turn a blind eye to this situation?” The Gujral Community Fund is proud to support Mother Brown’s Dining Room and recognizes it as a community asset that we should all support.

The mission of the Gujral Community Fund is to improve the lives of San Francisco families by contributing time and resources to organizations with the infrastructure and ability to make a positive impact in our community. We’re proud to support Mother Brown’s Dining Room, United Council of Human Services important and impactful work on behalf of San Francisco families.

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